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Make a Difference in the Life of an Animal – Adopt a Loving Pet, Volunteer or Donate to Your Local Alger County Animal Shelter


The Alger County Animal Shelter is located in the beautiful town of Munising on the shores of Lake Superior.

We are a No-Time-Limit Shelter. We receive companion animals from surrenders or strays and they stay with us until a family and a forever home can be found for them.

*ACAS has low cost spay and neuter certificates available.  Please contact the Shelter 387-4131 for further information.


Albert, the Shelter Cat

Albert arrived at the shelter as a stray in August 2017. When he came in, he was in rough shape. He looked like he had an eye infection. After surgery Albert healed nicely. He then was up for adoption. As the days went by no one seemed interested in Albert.  During his time waiting for someone to adopt him, he, the staff and volunteers became attached to each other. Albert became the shelter’s official greeter. He is always front & center inspecting any new donation. He has become a “grandpa” to the kittens who come into the shelter. After a year, the staff decided to make Albert the official shelter cat. You can find Albert lounging around at the shelter purring away.

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Want to join the Alger County Animal Shelter in making a difference? Monies are being raised to benefit the community with a much needed dog park and any donation will help make an impact. This dog park will be open to the public.

Any family or donor who makes a gift of $100 or more, a memorial plaque will be placed within the Park in honor of a loved one (pet or human).

We have 3 different ways to donate. A go fund me, through pay pal or you can mail a check to the shelter. Please write attention dog park and who you would like to make the donation in memory of (with a gift of $100 or more).

The Alger County Animal Shelter, along with the Alger County Chamber, are working together to develop a dog park within the property of The Alger County Animal Shelter. The Alger County Chamber has been approved for a grant of $5000 for this exciting new project for our community. This is a matchable grant.

To receive this grant The Alger County Animal Shelter & the Alger County Chamber need to match the $5000.


Dear Alger County Animal Shelter Supporter:

The Alger County Animal Shelter has a Mission. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and welfare for domestic animals and to provide a safe haven while finding lifelong homes for the animals in our care. We embrace the “No Kill” philosophy, seeking to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals.

In order to fulfill this mission our goal is to raise funds for the daily care of orphaned animals, such as food, supplies, medications, and spays/neuters.  Many animals come in needing costly vet care sometimes requiring surgery or extended health care before adoption can even be considered. Many animals that come to us require rehabilitation not only physically but emotionally.

ACAS is a non-profit organization that depends solely on donations and fundraisers to survive.  It can be a difficult task at times to give the very best care to the animals that come to the shelter.

Your support will help Alger County Animal Shelter to uphold our Mission in caring for the many homeless and unwanted animals in our community.

We offer a membership to individuals and businesses. This is a great way to make a difference in orphaned animals’ lives and to take advantage of a tax deductible donation.  A donation of any amount would really help out and would be greatly appreciated.

The Alger County Animal Shelter is a very important part of our community and the surrounding areas as we are the core of animal safety, rescue and welfare whether it be adoptions or just the reconnecting a lost pet especially with the increased tourism in our area. Thank you!



Alison Geiger Miller, Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Alison grew up on the north shore of Chicago. She has always had a love for animals, which she attributes to her late father who believed that all creatures have a place in this world.

While attending the University of Iowa, Alison worked at a boarding, daycare, and dog training facility. She often shadowed the kennel trainer for group classes and puppy training. After graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology, she returned home to Chicago and started her own pet sitting business, Sit and Stay. After about a year she decided to turn her efforts towards dog training. From January to June 2011 she attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. There she learned an array of training techniques making her skilled in basic and advanced obedience, narcotics detection, puppy imprinting, tracking, AKC Agility, and rehabilitation of fearful and aggressive dogs.

Since graduating the Tom Rose School, Alison has started multiple successful dog training businesses in North Carolina, Illinois, and Arizona as well as worked with animal shelters in all these locations helping the dogs that are having trouble finding their forever homes. Throughout this time she has gained a wealth of knowledge from the hundreds of dogs that she has trained, but the main thing she has learned is that every dog is different and training is not one size fits all.

Alison has recently been working with the Alger County Shelter specifically with a young husky named Misty. She has been teaching Misty manners as well as a proper outlet for her intelligence. Alison hopes that additionally working with the staff and volunteers will help future dogs like Misty to find homes, too.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and welfare for domestic animals and to provide a safe haven while finding life long homes f or the animals in our care.  We embrace the No Kill Philosophy, seeking to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals.

Our Vision:

To do whatever we can to assure there are no abandoned, unwanted, neglected or abused animals.  To provide education and skills to people so that they understand the level of commitment and responsibility that pet guardianship entails.